Cleaning process

Metal parts/details are cleaned in high temperature oven (300-600°C) in controlled atmosphere. Thermal Cleaning leaves no dirt even in hard-to-reach spots. The remaining ash is cleaned with pressure air. Depending on the size of the parts/details and their volume our cleaning process takes 1–3 days.

Your benefits

  • Gentle and sustainable cleaning of die heads and extrusion tools
  • Faster and greener paint stripping
  • Improved efficiency and shorter downtime of your production line
  • Recommendations by maintenance specialists


  • Die heads and extrusion tools – offer based
  • Paint hooks and floor grids – €300,00 + 24% VAT per cycle*

* One cycle = max. 4kg of contaminant


Adapter clogged with plastic

Adapter clean

Adapter cleaned

Adapter coated

Adapter polished and re-coated


Painting hooks

hooks after oven

Painting hooks after oven

hooks after cleaned

Painting hooks cleaned

Die Head

Blown Film Die Head

Die head after cleaning

Die Head Cleaned

_Die head_clean

Die Head polished