Pyrolysis ovens for industrial purposes

Arena Comet has a wide array of different standard models as well as tailored solutions to satisfy your industrial needs. Have a look at the oven catalogue at

Seven Layer Blown Film Die Head after Thermal Cleaning
Seven Layer Blown-Film Die Head after Thermal Cleaning

Cleaning Systems

Fluidized beds

Scirocco Fluidized Bed Systems
are powerful thermal cleaning systems with very high capacity, used to remove organic coatings from metals, such as paint, lacquers and varnishes, resins,
plastic or rubber, for the incineration of organic waste, for thermal recovering sand from iron casting molds.

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Pyrolysis ovens

Diablo compact pyrolysis ovens,
for thermal cleaning of machine parts, tools and screws. Easy installation, user friendly, safe for user and parts-to-clean, environmentally friendly.

Santana industrial pyrolysis burn off ovens, designed for high quality cleaning of larger parts and large volumes.

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Consider buying yourself an Arena Comet pyrolysis oven?

Diablo pyrolysis oven
Diablo pyrolysis oven

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