Our Services

We provide cleaning services for your production line with precision and expertise. We take care of the cleaning, after-treatment, repairs, polishing, and even 3D scanning and consultation of your production line components.

Die maintenance and refurbishment


Total Die maintenance service includes:

  • Die cleaning in pyrolysis oven,
  • Die disassembly,
  • Full inspection,
  • Documentation,
  • Removal of old coating,
  • Polishing of the die,
  • New coating,
  • Die assembly.

All the flow surfaces will be coated again and they will be as good as new. Recoating will reduce pressure drop and increases production and improves product quality.

With PVD coating we can offer three times harder surface than hard chromium. This helps to reduce the friction with plastic by 50% and helps to remove the melt fracture problems as well as use of process additives for good.

Benefits gained by increased production, product quality, and savings in electricity and process additives in large production lines accumulate to hundreds of thousands Euros per yer.


3D Scan and analysis


All flow surfaces of a die are scanned and the results are analysed. Customer can simulate the flow and test different raw material recipes offline without disturbing the production.

New raw materials and recipes can be very different to what the die was originally designed for. Simulation helps customers to define new production parameters for different layers or materials. We can produce new die head lip or spiral distributor components according the needs of new recipes.

Extruder screws and cylinders, and their repair

You can get new screws and cylinders to your production line from us.

We measure the existing screws and cylinders and simulate/ analyze the screw function. We propose the improvements to the screw and for example better barrier profile solution to the screw. Better profile benefits as lowered mass temperature that reflects to improved production. With lower and more consistent temperature profile the mixture is better which improves the product quality.

Fixing old screws is also possible and cost efficient for larger screws (>D60mm) if the screw is not badly worn out.

Examples of cleaned components

Typically the components can be cleaned without a disassembly. In case the components need to be disassembled, we can take care of that for you. Thermal cleaning fits the needs of several industries. We can fit into our oven (900mm x 1200mm x 900mm) large objects like:

Paint shops

  • Skids and Grilles
  • Jigs and hooks
  • Filters
  • Heat exchanger plates
  • etc...
Maalausripustin ennen pyrolyysiä
Maalausripustin pyrolyysin jälkeen
Maalausripustin jälkikäsittelyn jälkeen

Plastic industry

  • Blow film dies
  • Injection molding components
  • Filters
  • Polymer melt pumps
  • Spin pacs
  • Demister packages
  • Pelletizising line components
  • Extruder screws
  • etc...
Puhalluskalvosuutin ennen puhdistusta
Puhalluskalvosuutin puhdistuksen jälkeen
Tukkeutunut pelletöintirumpu