Finnish Thermal Cleaning

Your Thermal Cleaner in Finland

We are an experts in industrial cleaning and maintenance. We offer thermal cleaning as a service for all industries.

We help our customers to make their service breaks shorter and more efficient that reflects positively to production.

What is thermal cleaning?

In thermal cleaning metal objects are cleaned in high temperature oven (300 °C -600°C) in controlled atmosphere. Due to controlled process, the oven temperature can be adjusted not to harm or deform the cleaned object.

What can be cleaned?

Thermal cleaning suits all heat resistant objects. Thermal cleaning is mostly used in different industries to production line components. Pyrolysis removes all organic contamination such as:

– All plastics and polymer based materials

– Paint and Resins

– Rubber and Polyurethane

– Glues and Varnishes


Benefits of thermal cleaning

  • Fast process.
  • No chemicals or solvents.
  • No mechanic wearing of cleaned parts.
  • 100% cleaning result even from uneven or hard to reach points.

Tell us your needs and we’ll tailor a cleaning proces that suits your needs!